1 Corinthians 3:16–23, God Within

Verse 16: “Surely you know that you are God’s temple, where the Spirit of God dwells.”

Pause and reflect on the import of this Scripture. The Spirit of God lives within us, in our body-mind. We do not have to look outside of ourselves for the Divine. We need only to look at the inner workings of our body-mind.

Carl Jung wrote, “If we really knew, the body and the mind are different densities of the same energy.” The energy is the Spirit of God we know as our Inner Divine Spirit. It is the psychic energy that takes form even in our DNA.

I was once in the company of a pathologist who had become a Jungian Analyst. He shared research that substantiates the connection between DNA removed from the body and secluded in a laboratory test tube and the person’s body-mind, even when the two are separated by 200 miles. The DNA responds to the shift in the person’s state of consciousness (emotions and sensations) although separated from the body by great distance. The connection is the Mystery of life, the Divine Spirit that manifests in us, and is not subject to laws of time and space.

We all have had experiences that separated us from knowing the Spirit within us. Early experiences where our innate, instinctive sensibility was denied, dismissed, or violated set up mistrust in our embodied experience. When we moved according to our internal prompts, we may have encountered shame and guilt because our autonomy and initiative were not in sync with those around us. The tempering of our instinctive self is a necessary part of the human experience. It is when the tempering squashes and stifles rather than balancing that problems occur.

Inner Reflection
Consider your relationship to yourself as God’s temple. How do you tend your body-mind? How do you track the connections between your ego/conscious self and the body responses that come from the unconscious?

Begin to greet each sensation, emotion, intuition, thought, and feeling as an expression of your Inner Divine Spirit. Where are the distortions from the past interfering with your Oneness with the Inner Divine? Meditate on the Scripture above to feel into your value and importance as an embodiment of God.