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Kathleen Wiley’s reflections on the Scriptures invite the soul to journey deeper, resulting in tender, hopeful reverence of the innate relationship between God and Self. The blend of Jungian thought applied to Scriptural understanding is insightful and provocative. Her work should be read with caution—transformation will be imminent!


— The Rev. Danae Ashley, Episcopal Priest, Writer, and Retreat Leader


New Life: Symbolic Meditations on the Promise of Easter and Spring offers meditations for the Lent/Easter season or anytime you are moving through the process of the old forms dying and the energies being resurrected in new ways.

In forty meditations exploring the symbolic truths of scriptures from The Holy Bible, Jungian Analyst Kathleen Wiley invites you on a journey through the dark, unknown aspects of your self to the larger whole of God Within, where you find new life. These self-help meditations, linked to the Christian scriptures, inspire you to reflect on your inner connection to your larger Self, or God Within, and to let the old die and the new emerge for spiritual growth and self development.

New Life: Symbolic Meditations on the Birth of the Christ Within offers meditations for Advent or anytime you are in the process of giving birth to the new in your life

Come on a journey of self discovery to experience the birth of Christ Within and strengthen your personal connection to God. Open to receive the gifts of new ways of being and relating to yourself, others, and God as you imagine into Mary and Joseph’s human experience with the birth of Jesus and the season of Advent and Christmas.

In 28 meditations on Biblical scriptures related to the birth of Christ, Jungian Analyst Kathleen Wiley leads you into their meanings for your psyche/soul. She considers the stories and images as symbols of inner worlds, including thoughts, feelings, sensations, intuitions, perceptions, impulses, and emotions.

“Kathleen Wiley’s soulful writing is a fresh approach that marries sacred Scriptures with contemporary Jungian thought in a way that makes your heart sing. This fine work is a treasure trove of wisdom, perception, and lived experience that invites you to go within and discover your own riches”

— Barbara Hess Kovaz, PhD, Jungian Analyst


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