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These meditations offer a perspective on the presented truths but are not The Truth. Whether you agree or disagree with what Kathleen says, her hope is that the meditations will stimulate your heart to discern the voice of the Inner Divine Spirit, which she refers to as the Self/God Within, that is accessible to those who seek it. 


In each meditation Kathleen includes an Inner Reflection that invites you to personally relate to the ideas with a focus on your psyche/soul and encourages you to discover your soul’s connection to the spiritual truths. Rooted in the Protestant belief of the “priesthood of the believer,” the meditations empower you to listen for, discern, and live in relationship to the “still, small Voice of God” that lives within each of us.


She writes these meditations with an eye towards what they mean about our psyche/soul. You may find her writings especially powerful if you:

  • Have experienced God Within and want to make sense of it in the context of The Holy Bible with meditations that take you to a new way of being

  • Have an active spiritual life and want to apply the Scriptures to your physical, emotional, and mental processes

  • Seek to understand the interconnected nature of the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical planes

  • Desire to ground your experiences of the numinous (Spirit) realm in the context of The Holy Bible

  • Grew up in the Christian tradition but have left the Church and want a renewed, enlivened relationship to The Holy Bible

and if you have a non-faith based desire to

  • Understand the alchemical processes through the stories of the Holy Bible

  • Connect with the Scriptures as symbolic story 

  • Find life giving value in collective Christian symbols

Please enjoy these Jungian-based meditations on Biblical scriptures.

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