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Conscious Embodiment — Living from Your Divine Essence

Jungian psychoanalyst Kathleen Wiley offers Online Sacred Circles as self-study programs that take you on a transformative journey to find your true self and live a joyful, fulfilling life.

The Embodiment Circle is the ongoing masterclass with multiple spirals. Spiral one is Essential Embodiment Practices and spirals two and three are Fundamental Embodiment Processes.

Spirals four and beyond deepen the practices and processes through wisdom principles found in alchemy, Jungian psychology, and various spiritual traditions. These spirals will help you build a conscious relationship to your larger Self so you embody your full divine essence. 


You can Join Online Sacred Circles by signing up for:
Essential Embodiment Practices

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These embodiment practices seem simple at first glance, but require conscious attention and time for most of us to develop properly:

  1. Body awareness: By becoming aware of subtle sensations, emotions, feelings, and impulses in the body, we develop sensitivity and self-awareness. This is essential for creating the increased consciousness that lets us pursue sacred intentions and embody our true essence.

  2. Relaxation: Muscle tension blocks the flow of the life force, or libido, the energy that sustains, enlivens, nurtures, regenerates, and keeps us alive. Cultivating a practice of relaxation helps facilitate the flow of our own essence, which is necessary to unlock our authentic self.

  3. Rhythmic breathing: Breathing affects our heart rate, which calms our mind and affects our body’s chemical responses. Cultivating a practice of rhythmic breathing is one way to influence what happens in the body-mind. The breath is a key to influencing and channeling the energies that flow through us.

  4. Mind awareness: Cultivating a practice of mind awareness is akin to developing the observer, a part of our own psyche that sees and observes our thoughts and how they affect our body. A practice of mind awareness is part of the foundation to unlocking our authentic self.

  5. Concentration: The esoteric traditions say where we place our attention either brings life or death. Our capacity to concentrate is essential to our ability to embody our heart's desires. Cultivating a practice of concentration opens up the pathway for us to act in the world from our authentic self.

  6. Developing the will: We’ll look at will as aligning with our life force’s flow and cultivating the capacity to create channels for movement of that energy from within to without. These channels allow our life in the outer world to become a pure and beautiful expression of our authentic nature.


Tune into the flow of your authentic self in your body, mind, and soul


Cultivate six body-focused practices designed to increase conscious awareness and healthy relationship to yourself


Build an ongoing channel of communication with your

larger Self / God Within  




  • A six-month experience—each month on the 21st, a new training module opens with a video, along with an audio and transcript, that discusses the spiritual and psychological rationale and gifts of the practice or process, along with “how to” instructions. You also get tools for reflection and integration.

  • Self-paced, independent, experiential learning opportunities—work with the material on your time schedule.

  • Guidance for connecting with the wisdom of your body-mind through psychological, analytical, and related disciplines.

  • Access to a supportive community to uplift, motivate, and inspire your learning. A live Zoom circle twice monthly gives you the opportunity to share, ask questions, and muse together about the practices. If you don’t attend live, you can later view the video recordings in the course portal.

Whatever the price, I will pay, dangerous to say, I know, but founded in my trust in your sense of fairness and integrity. The embodiment program is priceless, and I thank you once again for it. 


It has been the right approach for me at the right time, but then that’s the story for all discriminating searchers who seek to be at one with the Divine. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” is one way of putting it.

—  Kay L, VA

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