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Work by teleconference?

Yes, I do work by teleconference.


What's the difference between a Jungian Analyst and a psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors.  They are trained to diagnosis a set of symptoms as an illness and prescribe treatment including medications.  Jungian Analysts are licensed mental health professionals who are trained to work with the unconscious.   The unconscious is the unknown, non-rational aspect of the human psyche that we experience in spontaneous expressions of our nature that are outside of our conscious control.  The unconscious makes itself known in body sensations, unbidden emotions, unexpected attitudes, day dreams, night dreams, fantasies, spiritual experiences, etc.  Jungian psychoanalysts look at whatever problematic symptoms you're experiencing as psyche's best attempt to create health.  This view offers a space of acceptance that helps the emotional and mental roots of one's dis-ease to be seen.  When you consciously relate to the energies, healing can occur.

What's the difference between a certified Jungian Analyst and a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist?

A certified Jungian Analyst has undergone a rigorous training process that demands building a conscious relationship to the unconscious through an ongoing dialogue with psychic energies as they present in one’s inner and outer relationships. The external process involves 300+ hours of personal analysis, didactic seminars, case colloquia, clinical supervision, and oral and written examination processes in an Institute/Society approved by the International Association for Analytical Psychology to award Diplomas in Analytical Psychology. One’s presence and ability to relate from their larger Self is essential for passing these hurdles.

There are no standard requirements for Jungian-oriented psychotherapists.

How often do I come?

Most people begin with weekly sessions.  The frequency and intensity is needed for your energies to begin shifting.  Some people find it helpful to come two or three times a week when dealing with complex, chaotic inner states.  We work together in setting the schedule.


Confidentiality is a given.  What you share in your sessions is held in my mind as a sacred trust.  I do not disclose any information about you without your consent.  My solo office space also provides additional confidentiality for those seeking Jungian Analysis with me.

How do I pay for psychoanalysis?

You pay at the time of the appointment, and I give you a receipt (upon request) with the necessary information to file for insurance reimbursement, if you choose.  Analysis is an investment in yourself.  It facilitates an expansion of consciousness that extends into every area of your life.  

​To make an appointment or for more information, please call 704-655-1063.

“Every individual psyche needs its own manual”

— C. G. Jung

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