Ephesians 4:7–8, 11–16, The Body

Verses 15–16: “No, let us speak the truth in love; so shall we fully grow up into Christ. He is the head, and on him the whole body depends. Bonded and knit together by every constituent joint, the whole frame grows through the due activity of each part, and builds itself up in love.”

In the esoteric Judeo-Christian tradition, love as a force is considered an expression of gravitation. Love is the intangible something that draws things or people together; it propels us towards something or someone. “Speaking truth in love” can be understood to mean stating our truth (perceptions, experiences, feelings, etc.) in a way that draws us towards another or invites relationship. “The other” may be a person, process, or an aspect of our selves.

Parts of our selves may show up as energy that feels disconnected from who we think we are. We may experience thoughts, feelings, and desires that seem alien to us. They are not congruent with what we consciously say or think. These energies are bits of the Self/God Within not yet owned by our ego and not connected to our consciousness. For example, when we feel shamed for our emotions, desires, or body sensations, we unwittingly label them “bad” and start to deny or hide them.

Often, the experiences of the body are demonized; we separate from them instead of moving towards (loving) them. However, the Self manifests itself in and through our body and mind. Whatever arises within our body and mind must be brought into loving relationship with our conscious self and integrated. All parts of the body and mind have a “due activity” that contributes to the building up of the ego/self relationship to the Self/God Within.

Symbolically, “To fully grow up into Christ,” means to move towards a sense of self or ego that has conscious connection and union with the Divine Self/God Within. Our task is to see the expression of the Self/God Within in our body experience. Sensations and intuitions that occur in our body give rise to thoughts and feelings. When we dismiss, disparage, or reject any of these, we disconnect from a piece of who we are. We must learn to see into the images or impulses that arise so we can discern the function, purpose, and place of the energy they hold.

With loving consciousness, we can relate to and influence the direction of our energies. The Scripture states the energetic truth, “The whole frame grows through the due activity of each part, and builds itself up in love.” Our call as humans is to understand our inner workings and use our consciousness to connect to all aspects of our self and Self. We answer this call as we own our embodied experience and look to see the flow of the Self into the body-mind experience.

Inner Reflection
Take a few moments to observe what is happening in your body-mind at this time. Ask the Self/God Within to help you lovingly receive what is present. Ask what it holds for you. What wants to be embodied consciously?

Perhaps, the tightness is your chest is saying, “open to love.” Perhaps, the queasiness in your gut is saying, “that person or project isn’t right for you.” Perhaps, the excitement/anxiety in your gut is saying, “wow, s/he or that is right for you.” Welcome the expressions of the Divine that take shape in you and seek guidance regarding their “due activity” and place in the whole of you.