Jung at Harp

Along with Grammy-nominated composer and harpist Deborah Henson-Conant, Kathleen Wiley produces the weekly video series Jung at Harp. Kathleen and Deborah have spontaneous conversations circling the interface of psychology, music, and spirituality. Visit Deborah’s Facebook page to know when to join them live.

Watch the first ten videos on this page to hear Kathleen and Deborah speak on the seven stings of passion at the heart of creative resonance and expression: impulse, structure, character, roles, practice(s), deconstruction, and lift-off. Video 8 looks at integrating those principles, while video 9 explores authenticity & wholeness and video 10 looks at relationships as they relate to the seven stings of passion.

See videos 11-20 and videos 21+.

Impulse | Jung at Harp 01

Structure | Jung At Harp 02

Character | Jung At Harp 03

Roles | Jung at Harp 04

Practice | Jung At Harp 05

Deconstruction | Jung at Harp 06

Lift Off | Jung at Harp 07

Integration | Jung at Harp 08

Authenticity & Wholeness | Jung at Harp 09

Relationships | Jung at Harp 10