Matthew 8:8–17, The Power of Word

Verses 8, 16b: “The centurion said [to Jesus], ‘You need only say the word and the boy will be cured…and he drove the spirits out with a word and healed all who were sick.”

The Western Mystery Tradition teaches “our words embody consciousness that shapes electro-magnetic forces into form.” The electro-magnetic forces are expressions of the libido or life force (also known as chi) that flows through our body-minds. The chi is akin to electricity; it is invisible to the unaided eye. We see only its effects.

Many sayings and teachings exist about words. Some support the power of words to change things; others dismiss them. The practice of daily affirmations or reading sacred Scriptures teaches the value of words to impact consciousness, thus embodied life. The childhood taunt “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” devalues words.

Perhaps, the impact of words is tied to the energetic substance or life force they hold. We have all voiced words that are hollow; they lack connection to our desire, intention, and feeling. We have also been on the receiving end of such words; they do not manifest in action. We are left hanging and waiting for follow through. The principle of “being a (wo)man of your word” implies words contain something substantial or alive. Others can count on that person to do what they say and live what they speak because their words are expressions of their life force.

This Scripture notes the power of the man Jesus to use words to heal others. When we reflect on Jesus as a symbol of the Christos/God Within, he shows us the power of the Self/God Within ourselves. Words shape our life force by naming and linking the energies to emotions and affects that drive our expressions in thoughts, feelings, and actions. For instance, if the emotions of shame or guilt are linked to the body sensation and expression of need or longing, we learn to ignore or deny our need. It becomes split off and we lose access to our energy or life force. If our expressed need or longing is met, we feel affirmed in our self/Self; we learn to move with autonomy/separateness and initiative.

The Self/God Within has the power to heal, to make whole. With our ego, we can struggle and find the words that contain the truth of our inner experience. We can see the essence of the Self that is held in the sensation or intuition that gives rise to the thoughts and feelings. We can choose to relate to the energy in a way that integrates it into the whole of who we are.

Examples of looking for the energetic essence of words: When we hear ourselves using profanity, we may find an underlying, unconscious anger that needs to be resolved. When we go into “poor me,” we may find a feeling of put upon alerting us to make stronger boundaries for ourselves. The words take us to energy within that needs to be made conscious, related to by our ego/self.

Inner Reflection
Set an intention to be more aware of your words. Begin to observe the constant inner speak. Note what comes out of your mouth that is congruent and incongruent with the ego’s momentary sense of who you are. Ask the Self/God Within to help you see the nuances of your life force held in words. Cultivate the ability to use your words in a way that heals and makes you whole.