Psalm 105:1–8, Acts 3:1–10, Know the Presence of God

Sun shining through trees

Psalm Verse 4: “Turn to the Lord, your strength, seek his presence always.”

The Lord, our strength, is experienced psychologically as the Self/God Within, the Inner Divine Spirit—the innate intelligence that grew us from a fetus to an adult body. Seeking God Within means we seek the part of us created in the Image of God.

In Jungian psychology, this part is known as the Self—the totality of who we are as a soul. To seek the Self means to move beyond the ego or who we think we are. We have to move beyond thinking and acting as if what we feel and experience in the moment is all of who we are. We are so much more! We are parts of the body of God/Christ—we have so much more to draw on and from than our self-conscious sense of who we are or our ego.

We must seek—we must yearn and strive to see and know beyond the present felt state of our body-mind. How do we do this? We begin by becoming aware of what’s in our body-mind.

Here’s an exercise:

  1. Become aware of your breath.
  2. Follow your breath into your body and become aware of body sensations and stirrings.
  3. Hold the awareness of your breath and body sensations simultaneously.
  4. Observe what happens as your consciousness expands and your breath—your connection to the Breath of God—informs your body.
  5. Invite each cell of your body to open and receive the nourishment of the Breath of God.

In this way, we can seek and know the presence of God anywhere, anytime