Psalm 50, Tempest and Fire—The Divine’s Emerging Presence

Verse 3: “Our God comes and will not be silent; a fire devours before him, and around him a tempest rages.”

Years ago, I read an author who stated every encounter with God is a crisis event. The psalmist seems to affirm this view, painting God’s emerging presence in our lives as a raging storm and a consuming fire. When the Divine Presence makes itself known, the peace and calm we desire usually come secondary to the shake up and turmoil.

We all have times when we want something different in our lives. We aren’t happy, we feel restless, we long for our heart’s desire, we feel an urge to move and grow. Yet, we stay stuck. We go unconscious—we numb out, we deny reality, we pretend. In these moments, it sometimes takes a whirlwind, thunderstorm, or fire to wake us up.

The wake-up call may show up in our inner world first and then extend to the outer world of home, work, relationships, etc. Or the call may begin with an unexpected event in the outer world that brings distress and upset. In any event, our body sensations, feelings, thoughts, intuitions may whirl around uncontrollably. We may feel consumed/obsessed with an idea or a memory or a struggle. We may feel caught by an energy that we do not understand or know how to relate to. In these moments, Self/God Within is demanding our attention and action.

We choose, consciously or by default, how we respond to the Self’s demand for our attention. We can feel punished by the Divine and act like a victim. We can hold on to the old sense of self and way of living, and resist moving forward. Or we can welcome the workings of Self/God Within and look into the turmoil to see where and how the Divine is speaking. We can consciously go with the transformative fire/spirit and let go of holding onto the false-self attitudes, behaviors, relationships, etc.

We often forget that growth means change, and change means loss of the old to make room for the new. Nothing in natures stands still; we are either growing or dying. Death and destruction always precede birth and creation. Old ways and structures must go for the new to emerge.

Our soul is always seeking to live more fully and beautifully through our egos and in our lives, propelling us towards greater Self expression with “raging tempests” and “fire” when necessary. As we begin to identify with the Self/God Within, we have the courage to withstand the storms and fires of change.

Inner Reflection
Take a few minutes to reflect on where you feel the Divine’s emerging presence in your life. What are the “tempests” and “fires” you are experiencing? Ask God Within to help you see and know the seeds of your Divine Self in these experiences. Welcome the destruction of all the attitudes, emotions, and behaviors not true to your Divine Essence. Have the courage to stand in the truth of who you really are.

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