Acts 3:1–10, Move Out Of Inertia

Verses 6–7: “And Peter said, ‘I have no silver or gold; but what I have I give you; in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.’ Then he grasped him by the right hand and pulled him up; at once his feet and ankles grew strong; he sprang up, stood on his feet, and started to walk.”

The lame man represents parts of us caught in inertia, the places we’re stuck. Being stuck may show up as depression, confusion, not knowing, destructive habits, or any feeling state that immobilizes or paralyzes us. Inertia keeps us from taking actions or making desired changes.

When we are caught in these states of consciousness, we are wise to sit at the Temple gate—the inner still point where we are one with God—and beg for help. When truly caught in paralysis, we need to call for the Mystery to come and pull us out of it.

Peter, a symbol of the part of us that has already been transformed and filled with the power, wisdom, and love of our Self/God Within, our soul, comes and offers a hand. We have to reach for it and to take it.

“Peter” may show up as an impulse to take an action, a small involuntary movement of the muscles (i.e., relaxing, tensing), a different thought that begins to energize. We must grasp it, so its energy can pull us forward, out of the inertia. Our soul, our Divine Essence, wants that for us.

Inner Reflection
Sit at the Beautiful Gate—the innermost sanctuary in your soul—where you know you are one with God. Ask for the inner “Peter” to pull you out of the inertia stopping you from living the truth of your Divine Spirit.