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Please enjoy these Jungian-based meditations on Biblical scriptures.


1 Corinthians 6:12–20, Our Body, Christ’s Body, Part 1

Hosea 6:6, Sacrifice Sacrifices to Embrace Loving-Kindness and Knowledge of God

Psalm 139: A Winter Solstice Reflection

Meditation Library

1 Corinthians 1:18–31, The Power Of the Mundane
“Things low and contemptible, mere nothings” can “overthrow the existing order.” Symbolically and from the perspective of Jungian Psychology, the “existing order” represents the ego.

1 Corinthians 2:14–3:15, Spiritual Discernment
We have to develop the muscle of discernment to know the difference between God Within and the adopted spirit of the world.

1 Corinthians 3:16–23, God Within
The Spirit of God lives within us, in our body-mind. We do not have to look outside of ourselves for the Divine.

1 Corinthians 6:12–20, Our Body, Christ’s Body, Part 1
Our body is the temple through which God’s will makes itself known to us.

1 Corinthians 6:12–20, Our Body, Christ’s Body, Part 2
Our body, as well as our spirit, belongs to God. We, with our bodies, need to be healthy and whole for the body of Christ to be healthy and whole.

1 Corinthians 6:12–20, Our Body, Christ’s Body, Part 3
Our response to the impulses and desires of our bodies is our response to God Within. All that goes on in our bodies is an expression of God Within.

1 Corinthians 10:1-13, Trials and Tests
Whatever manifests in our ego/body-mind is an expression of the Divine Within.

1 Corinthians 13:1–13, Letting Go Of Projection
Adults recognize their fantasies (images, fleeting thoughts, unbidden emotions) and projections (what they attribute to another) as information about themselves.

1 Kings 13:1–10 (11–25), Listen to the Voice of God Within
How often do we know deep within our gut the direction our Self/God Within wants us to take, but we abandon it to follow another?

1 Samuel 1:4–20, Pour Out Your Soul
The story of Hannah pouring her anxieties and worries out to God in prayer remind us of the power of asking God Within for our needs to be met.

1 Samuel 3:1–10, The Art Of Hearing
This scripture offers a picture of psychic or soul growth as we are called forward to new responsibilities and new roles in relationships.

1 Samuel 17:(1–31)32–49, Slaying the Giants
David’s response to Goliath is instructive about how to face our inner giants successfully.

1 Thessalonians 4:13–18, Raising Consciousness
When we consciously follow the risen energies of our heart and soul, we move to the heavens with God Within.

2 Samuel 7:18–29, Taking Our Place
We all long for and need our place. How do we know “our place” with the Self and others?

2 Samuel 14:1–20, 21–33, Listen To the Wise Woman
The wise woman usually shows up as “a still small voice,” an intuition, a gut knowing that helps you reconnect with your heart’s desires.

Acts 2:4 and 1 Corinthians 12:11, Your Voice
Our yearnings, desires, abilities, felt senses, and movements are conveyors of the Self/God Within.

Acts 3:1–10, Move Out Of Inertia
Inertia keeps us from taking actions or making desired changes.

Acts 4:32–5:11, Equality in the Economy of Psyche
The scripture tells us that the psychic energy (libido) within the desire, emotion, thought, or image belongs to the whole economy of the psyche. It is there to serve the common good of our being.

Daniel 4:28–37, The Most High
By embracing the totality of who we are, we begin to see the whole of our psyche/soul and honor “the Most High.”

Deuteronomy 6:10–15, Following the Self/God Within
The path of individuation (also known as salvation or enlightenment) means the ego/self follows the guidance and direction of the Self/God Within.

Deuteronomy 8:1–10, Carefully Observe
We must carefully observe how we work, how others work, how nature works, etc. with an eye to what we need to see so our choices and actions may work within the natural/spiritual laws and move us towards greater life.

Deuteronomy 26:1–11, Possessing Your Land
Our body-mind is the earth, the ground, the foundation in which we live, move, and have our being. Our cellular consciousness provides the circuitry through which the Breath of God flows.

Ephesians 2:13–22, Uniting Opposites
The Self/God Within us unites antagonistic aspects of our nature.

Ephesians 4:7–8, 11–16, The Body
With loving consciousness, we can relate to and influence the direction of our energies.

Ephesians 5:1–20, Light
Christ’s teachings call us to live consciously—knowingly, intentionally, relationally.

Exodus 1:6–22, Overcoming Tyranny Against New Life
The Pharaoh within wants to maintain the status quo. It wants us to keep going with the same ways, beliefs, and directions. When new seeds of the life force prompt us to move beyond the current situation, the Pharaoh feels threatened.

Exodus 32:21–34, Golden Calves
We get antsy not knowing something, so we cling to ideas, beliefs, values, or perceptions we are comfortable with, instead of seeking the felt presence of the Divine.

Ezekiel 3:1–4, A Call To Humanness
Our humanness is the mediating consciousness between our animal and divine natures. To be human is to embody the nature of God (our divine essence) in our body and mind.

Ezekiel 11:17–20, An Undivided Heart and a New Spirit
To move towards the undivided heart, we must be willing to feel, know, and relate to the split up pieces of our soul as they show themselves in our feelings, moods, thoughts, images, fantasies, experiences, etc.

Galatians 3:23–29, Moving Beyond the Law To Faith
Faith is not the belief in an idea or doctrine or dogma but is the state of consciousness that comes from an experience of God Within felt as something larger than our ego/self.

Galations 4:4–7, Freedom from Slavery
In our “slave” mentality, we make choices unconsciously and unwittingly, but when we live in conscious relationship to the Self, we knowingly create with our responses.

Galatians 5:22, Peace and Purity
The Advent candle for peace and purity invites us to work for inner peace. We do this by consciously engaging with the state of dis-harmony.

Genesis 19:1–29, We Are Led!
No new is born unless the existing passes away.

Genesis 27:30–45, Inner Conflict
When we look to the Self, we can find a way to bring the new, life-giving energy into being.

Genesis 32:22–31, Grabbing Life
Only when we value increased consciousness will our ego/self struggle to grab and hold onto the fiery energies of our heart and soul.

Genesis 45:1–15, Standing With Yourself
We underestimate the power of standing with our inner resources and whole self. We seem to have a predisposition to noticing lack, hardship, absence, and struggle.

Hosea 6:6, Wanted: Mercy and Loving-Kindness, Not Sacrifice
Loving-kindness opens our heart to see the presence of God Within in all we are, say, do, and encounter.

James 3:17, Wisdom
The author of James offers a description of Wisdom that helps us differentiate the Voice of God Within from the other voices that speak in our head.

John 1:1–18, Incarnation—Embodying Your Self
The path of becoming human is to embody our essence—the Divine nature that is the substance of who we are.

John 3:1–8, Being Born Again
My experiences and work with people tell me that being born again is more often a slow, personalized process forged through struggle to know God Within.

John 3:3, Being Born Anew 
Being born anew means shedding the old skin of familiar roles and beliefs we’ve outgrown. The snake offers wisdom on growing into our fullness.

John 7:37–52, Living Waters Within
Our emotional, mental, and spiritual thirsts require “water” not physical in nature. On the spiritual plane, the water needed is the Spirit.

John 8:12–20, Pass No Judgment
We need discernment, not judgment. All of our relations, outer and inner world, need space where two different perspectives can meet.

John 8:33–47, Follow the Inner Divine
By seeking to know the larger Self/God Within, we open to moments of feeling and knowing the Divine authority within us.

John 12:1–8, Nurture Your Inner Mary
Mary symbolizes the receptive and magnetic energy within us that nurtures and treasures the expressions of our souls.

John 15:9–17, Remove the Filters
We have to lay down our ideas of who we are and consciously relate to all we are.

John 18:28, Facing your Killer Fears
When we follow the soul’s lead, our thoughts, feelings, and movements reflect the realities of our truer nature. To live into the fullness of our soul, we have to align with the new life and not give in to our killer fears.

John 18:34, Where Do Your Beliefs Originate?
When the voice of God Within asks, “Is that your idea or have others suggested it to you?” we are invited to know ourselves more fully. We have to take up the question instead of sidestepping it.

John 20:19–23, Forgive Yourself
When we receive and follow God Within, we forgive ourselves for whatever haunts us, and we move on.

Judges 2:1–5, 11–23, Forsaking the Self
When have you followed a path that was not the direction of your Self/God Within?

Luke 1:39–45(46–55), Letting Go Of Distorted Ideas
By striving to see and feel and know the Divine Within our life, we move towards felt experiences that let us perceive and move in new ways.

Luke 2 and Matthew 2, New Birth
Enjoy a Christmas poem and an Epiphany poem.

Luke 7:18–35, Our Trailblazer
We have an energy in us that prepares the way for our soul to come into our feelings, thoughts, moods, images, sensations, etc.

Luke 8:20–31, Legion—Knowing Your Inner Devils
What we dismiss, deny, or cut off does not go away. It becomes unconscious; it is disconnected from our ego or sense of self and inaccessible at will.

Luke 9:51–62, Don’t Look Back
To individuate and grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, we must let go of the past.

Luke 9:51-62, Hold On
When we feel the pull of God Within to move forward in a new direction, we have to hold on to the energy and go. Our psychic energy will take us to the next level of embodying soul.

Luke 10:38–42, The Better Part—Listening
This Scripture reminds us that being still and quiet, listening for the voice of the Self/God Within, is “the better part” of being in the presence of the Self.

Luke 14:1, 7–14, Ask the Poor, the Crippled, the Lame, the Blind
What do we do with the states of consciousness we experience as poor, crippled, lame, or blind?

Luke 15:1–3, 11b–32, Embracing the Prodigal
The process of learning about our desires and impulses is usually messy, and it can seemingly squander our energies.

Luke 18:9–14, Humble
Humility is a quality of humanness; it speaks of being of the earth, being grounded, living in the limitation of the body-mind.

Luke 24:13–49, Christ Embodied—The Divine In Your Body
Every expression of the ego, body, and personality holds a seed of the larger, transcendent Self that is the totality of our psyche/soul.

Mark 1:1–13, Expressing the Inner Divine
Seeking to eradicate ego is dangerous. Seeking to cultivate ego as the ground or expression of the Inner Divine is what is needed.

Mark 3:19b–35, Becoming Integrated
By acknowledging what is present within us—“the good, the bad, and the ugly,” we begin the process of relating to, understanding, valuing, and integrating all aspects of the self/ego and Self/Divine Within.

Mark 4:21–34: Tending Our Garden
Anything to which we give our attention seeds our body and mind. It grows. We don’t understand why some things grow and others don’t. Like gardeners, we must look, see, and tend the processes within us to the best of our ability.

Mark 5:1-20, Fear of Healing
Our attitude towards the disruptive process of healing determines whether we will be like the healed madman or the scared townspeople.

Mark 5:21–43, I Shall Be Cured
When we know the beliefs behind our current actions, we can strengthen the helpful ones, and we can counter the negative ones.

Mark 6:14–29, Unite Body and Mind
We know something from our gut, but it makes us uncomfortable, so we find ways to keep it at bay. Instead, we need to ask and listen for the voice of the Self/God within to lead us to remembering the innate flow of our life force.

Mark 7:24–37, Staying In Dialogue
How do we respond when we acknowledge our heart’s desires only to be rebuffed by some inner voice that sounds like “the authority”?

Mark 8:22–33, Seeing Clearly
We have to enter into a space of openness and receptivity to what “is” in order to see. We have to see our preconceptions and filters for the illusions they are.

Mark 9:42–50, The Celestial Surgeon
Ask the Celestial Surgeon to act on your behalf and cut off whatever is blocking the flow of your Inner Divine Spirit.

Mark 15:33–39, Step Into the Opening
We experience “deaths” of our Inner Divine Spirit wherever we respond automatically and routinely in lifeless, disconnected ways.

Matthew 2:3 & 2:16, Killing the New
As we recognize our inner Herod, we can move towards new life by following the flow of our soul’s energy. Instead of destroying the new, we can follow the Wisdom that comes from the birth of God Within.

Matthew 5:11–16, Having Your Saltiness
When we embody the Self/God Within, we are the salt of the world. Salt gives flavor, adds spice, and preserves food.

Matthew 6:19–24, Bring Light to the Dark
Our unconscious self is always present, affecting the conscious (self) position or view. By paying attention, we can begin to see what is in the unconscious or “dark.”

Matthew 7:13–21, Choose the Narrow Gate
To walk the path of incarnating the Divine Spirit that flows through you is a path only you can walk. No one else can “go that way.”

Matthew 8:8–17, The Power of Word
Words are electro-magnetic forces that express the libido or life force that flows through our body-minds.

Matthew 13:1–9, Tend Your Garden
Our psyche is the garden whose soil we must till, fertilize, weed, water, and harv

Matthew 13:1–16, Hardened Hearts, Open Hearts
Our first point of contact to God Within is our felt experiences. We must be open-hearted to our own nature if we are to have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Matthew 24:32–51, Heaven and Earth Will Pass Away
We must build a vessel capable of withstanding the floods of our impulses, emotions, body sensations, and/or compulsive thoughts. The vessel we need is a body-mind that lives in conscious relationship to God Within/Self.

Matthew 24:36–44, Be Ready
The work of consciousness always involves clearing the beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, conditioning, etc. that block the natural movement of the Self/God Within into our ways of experiencing and living.

Matthew 25:1–13, Having Your Fuel
Our most powerful impulses and longings are organic; they emanate from deep within us instead of being imposed by our heads.

Philippians 3:3b–14, Let Go Of Your Garbage
When we follow externally prescribed and imposed ways of thinking, emoting, and acting, we can find ourselves on a misguided path.

Philippians 3:13–21, Reconnect
When we go in self-destructive circles, we need to look for the bit of our soul that got stuck.

Psalm 44, Live In Relationship To the Unconscious
To live in relationship to the unconscious is to open to the Divine as it expresses in our personality.

Psalm 50, Tempest and Fire—The Divine’s Emerging Presence
Our soul is always seeking to live more fully and beautifully through our egos and in our lives, propelling us towards greater Self expression with “raging tempests” and “fire” when necessary.

Psalm 57, Living In Sync
When we feel a “call,” we have a sense of connection to the Divine Within that prompts the movement or activity.

Psalm 69, Rescue Me
The experience of outer-world captivity by a foreign people is an apt metaphor for what we sometimes feel in relationship to our larger Self.

Psalm 82, Connect To the Self
Maturation involves learning to meet, name, relate, and respond intentionally to the archetypal energies showing up in us through our instincts.

Psalm 144:4, Impermanence of Form and Resurrection of Essence
Forms are impermanent and change, but the spirit continues.

Revelation 1:18, In and Out Of Hell
Our active compassionate response to all that arises within us changes our experience in the present moment.

Revelation 22:12–21, Washing Your Robes
We are to cultivate discernment and act with clarity to create thoughts, feeling states, behavior patterns, and a surrounding environment that are the purest and clearest or cleanest reflection of our soul.

Romans 10:8b–13, The Shift
Deep transformation and growth in us occurs under the direction of our Self/God Within.

Solomon 3:1–11, Build a Conscious Relationship
When Self/God Within clashes with outer expectations or circumstances, we can choose to respond blindly from the reflexive, instinctive soul, or we can build a conscious relationship to the Self/God Within and follow its lead.