Colossians 3:1–11, 12–17, Love Completes

Verse 14: “To crown all, there must be love, to bind all together and to complete the whole.”

Sacred Scriptures instruct us in the principles and laws at work in our body-minds and in the outer world. The mystical Christian tradition teaches, “As above, so below; as within, so without.” Jesus affirmed this in the words of what we call The Lord’s prayer. He prayed, “Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”

The patterns of regulation that affect and create our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are the same as those that govern the movement of the earth as it reflects the patterns of the heavens. Whatever exists in material form also exists in non-material, energetic form. The patterns we see are formed from matrixes of energy. We know from the laws of science that what appears inert has moving particles (atoms) we cannot see.

What holds these particles together? The Scripture quoted above asserts love “binds all together.” We see this in the physical world as the result of gravity. The law of gravity is a physical manifestation of the spiritual law of love/ardor. Both gravity and love draw things and people together. Love moves us towards someone or something with great zeal or passion. When we love, it is like a gravitational pull that brings things closer together. We might say gravity is love in the physical world.

We don’t see gravity, but we see the effect of it. The same is true of love. We don’t see the force, but we feel the impact. We are drawn us to someone, something, or some place. We feel more complete in the presence of the object (person, place, or thing). Love “completes the whole.”

Inner Reflection
Where do you experience a sense of completeness, wholeness within your body-mind? Who are the people you love? In whose presence do you feel your wholeness as a child of God? What interests, activities, or rituals are you drawn towards? What calls you back to the truth of your soul’s completeness? Set sacred intention to spend time daily in the presence of love.