Luke 7:18–35, Our Trailblazer

Verse 27: “I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way before you.”

We forget we are not alone in the movement of our lives. Day in, and day out, demands can burden us. We may feel overwhelmed, lethargic, confused. Our ego acts as if we were the source of all answers, plans, and resources. We become identified with feeling competent or incompetent based on the view of the consciousness we have in a single moment. Then, we wonder why we’re stuck. We are so much more than any one feeling, thought, or action!

Jesus told the disciples of John the Baptist that John was the messenger who had been sent to prepare the way for the Christ. Jesus was not alone in making his way in the world. John the Baptist blazed a trail for him. I am comforted to think of the meaning of this within our psyche/soul.

We too have an energy in us that prepares the way for our soul to come into our feelings, thoughts, moods, images, sensations, etc. A part of us knows when Self/ God Within is coming to us in new ways. New thoughts, new visions, changing emotions, different body sensations show up. The ego/conscious self is often unsure, maybe even scared and confused when God Within prompts us into new ways of being. We can go with the inner divine flow, or we can block it and hold onto our old ways.

If we choose to go with the prompting and presence of the Self/God Within, the way has already been prepared within our psyche/souls. The ego does not have to figure things out. Our conscious self only has to use its gifts to act in alignment with the new consciousness. We can use our thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuition in service of our larger Self, or we can align with the fear and unknowing symbolized by the Pharisees who rejected God’s purpose for themselves (Verse 30).

Inner Reflection
Take a few moments to reflect on where you are experiencing the coming of God Within to greater expression in your body-mind and life. Where do you feel something new happening? What is changing without your bidding? What do you see being prepared for you? Affirm in whatever way is right for you that “the movement towards wholeness and health is instinctively guided.”

The energy of John the Baptist is always at work in our psyches. It is our gift to see and know the presence of the Self/God Within in our ego and personality expressions.

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